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Support Artists this Holiday Season!

Hello Art Lovers! I’m Issis, an abstract painter from Los Angeles, California, now based in Madison, Wisconsin. My paintings are varied in style, reflecting an intuitive process and approach. I use color to convey the depth of my emotions, which I hope inspires viewers to pause and reflect.

“Abstract painting allows me to surrender to the canvas and colors. It’s a spiritual process in which my mind quiets and allows my soul to speak in textures, colors, and lines."

I’ll be at the 2nd annual Eastside Winter Market at Garver Feed Mill, hosted by Communication, this weekend. I will have a vibrant selection of paintings on sale – 10% off any size. So don’t miss out on owning original art and supporting local artists this holiday season!

Instagram friends not based in Madison, follow my stories @issis.unstrung for updates on available paintings. I’m willing to reserve artwork and ship nationwide.

Thank you for all the love!

This year’s market hosts over 30 vendors, and there will be live music all day Saturday.



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LIVE MUSIC SCHEDULE - Saturday only!


11:00am - Woke Up Crying

11:40am - Nola Pastor

12:15pm - The Wood Panel

12:45pm - Heather Rae - Heather

1:30pm - isaac arms

2:00pm - Carisa

2:30pm - Benjamin Rose

3:15pm - Jules Iolyn - Jules (she/her)

3:45pm - Def Sonic

4:20pm - Strong Arm Sally

5:00 pm - Hendrix



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