Issis Macias

Is an artist living and working in Madison, Wisconsin.

She is a self-taught artist, first generation Mexican American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 2012, an encounter with a community of avant-garde painters, musicians, and photographers in downtown Los Angeles ignited an exploration of "self", which catapulted her into a journey of artistic expression.


Today, her paintings are varied in style, reflecting an intuitive process and approach. She primarily works with acrylic and oil pastels on canvas to make abstract paintings of various textures, forms, and shapes. These are derived from her free-form methods of smearing and scraping paint with canvas keys, wedges, and bare hands.


For Issis, painting is a meditative process where the texture of each pigment guides the movement of hands as it soaks into the canvas. At times the process is intense with hours of rampant creativity. When the process is slow and deliberate, every stroke of color dictates proportion and intensity. The result is a distinctive body of abstract artwork that is vibrant and emotive.

Issis finds inspiration in Mother Earth's colors, Indigenous art, water, music, travel, and her little muse - Inez Lily.

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"Abstract painting allows me to surrender to the canvas and colors. It’s a spiritual process in which my mind quiets and allows my soul to speak in textures, colors, and lines."

The Art of Issis Macias: Connecting to the Spirit of Creativity  by Jonathan Gramling of The Capital City Hues, November 2021