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Forward Art Prize 2023 Winners!

On October 26th, the 2023 Forward Art Prize Winners and Finalists were announced. What a joyful evening at Arts + Literature Laboratory celebrating the talent, power, and creativity of women artists in Dane County! A big thank you to Women Artists Forward Fund Co-Founders Brenda Baker and Bird Ross, Jolynne Roorda, the Arts + Literature Laboratory team, and Sarah Stankey for curating and installing over 40 artworks by this years Forward Art Prize applicants.

Congratulations to the Forward Art Prize Winners Mary Bero and Babette Wainwright! They each received a $10,000 prize!

Dane Arts is proud to support this year's Forward Art Prize Finalists by awarding each a $1,000 prize: Helen Klebesadel, T.L. Luke, Rebecca Kautz, Jessica Gutierrez, and Issis Macias.


1. Winners Mary Bero and Babette Wainwright

2. Finalists Issis Macias, Jessica Gutierrez, Rebecca Kautz. Finalists not pictured: Helen Klebesadel and T.L. Luke.

3. (Left to right) WAFF Co-Founder Brenda Baker, Mary Bero, Rebecca Kautz, Jessica Gutierrez, Babette Wainwright, WAFF Co-founder Bird Ross, and Issis Macias.

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