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WAFF Art Auction is Open!

Hello all! I'm excited to share that I am participating in the online auction fundraiser for Women Artists Forward Fund! The auction features close to 100 pieces of unique art, including my painting the Water Warrior. A cherished piece evolved from various shades of blue to reveal my reverence for the Great Lakes Mother Earth Water Walker, Josephine Mandamin.

Josephine was an Anishinaabewe grandmother that took on a sacred walk, traversing over 10,000 miles around each of the Great Lakes to raise awareness of the urgency to protect these waters from pollution. She believed that "in ceremony such as a water walk, only women carry the water, indicating that women are caretakers of water, and carry life within themselves (childbirth)."

I chose the name, Water Warrior after learning that Ecologos, an environmental organization based in Canada, recognized Josephine Mandamin's legacy as a water protector with such an award and title. It became clear to me then that I too would honor Josephine Mandamin with this painting. With over ten years of professional experience in nonprofit and public utility water resources management, this painting also captures my passion for protecting water. When I created it, I was three months pregnant, "carrying life" in my body like the women water walkers.

Ultimately, I hope my painting serves as a reminder to honor and celebrate women like Josephine Mandamin, water protectors fighting to elevate the urgency of protecting water today and for future generations. Reestablishing the sacred relationship with Mother Earth and taking action to protect her is preserving life itself.

Thank you for your support! I'll be donating 50% of the winning bid to the Women Artists Forward Fund!

Bidding: Friday, November 27th to Friday, December 4th, 6:00 p.m. CST

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