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Art Walk Bliss!


Deepest thanks to everyone who shopped some art or simply stopped by to take a look and lend their support. You all contributed to making my first Art Walk, not only a success, but also an unforgettable one.

I have to admit, showcasing my paintings in a space like this felt very vulnerable. However, seeing some of you walk away with one (or more!) of my art pieces, elicited a very singular feeling in me. It's hard to put into words--but immense gratitude comes close enough. This entire experience has felt like the start of something really wonderful. I sincerely look forward to sharing more of what I create with all of you.

Lastly, I'd like to give a special thanks to my husband Dimitris and my sister Wendy (flew in from Los Angeles!). The day wouldn't have been the same without all of your love, work, and support! And to all of you, THANK YOU for making space in your day and in your home for my artwork. It means more than these words can convey. 💛

- Issis

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