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I believe art has a greater impact when we collaborate. Through these collaborations, I've been able to explore new styles and techniques, resulting in vibrant backdrops for my fellow artists to create on.

I'm thrilled to share that some of these pieces are now available for purchase! Whether you're looking to add to your art collection or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, I invite you to explore our collaborative art.


Eric Escobar

is a prolific artist based in Los Angeles, known for his black-and-white portraits and surrealistic style. His intuitive approach to line and gesture captures sincere expressions in his art, blurring the lines between internal and external worlds and abstract and reality. After visiting Madison in 2021, a winter holiday spent indoors with family and friends unexpectedly sparked a collaboration between Eric and Issis.


Combining Eric's modern ink work and Issis's eye for striking hues, they produced a series of unique pieces showcasing their talents and creative synergy. Their collaborative efforts continue as they explore new creative horizons.

Issis_Macias_Gliding Lines_1.jpeg

Rodrigo Carapia 

is a self-taught artist, originally from México, DF, and now living in Madison, who creates paintings and murals filled with power and Mexica imagery throughout Wisconsin.

Issis Macias and Rodrigo Carapia began collaborating in May 2022 to showcase how a shared Mexican heritage unifies their distinct styles. Macias’ abstract works speak both to and from the emotions with bold, contrasting hues. Highly textured acrylics catch the light, sparking the imagination. Carapia creates equally colorful works with imagery that celebrates the rich culture of Mexico. Each person works separately and without consultation with the other; Issis first, then Rodrigo's work is superimposed.

Rodrigo - Collab.jpeg
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